AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

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Our Mission

To spread the knowledge of financial products and services, guide customers on insurance, savings and investments and provide support on claims and maturities.

Our Vision

Deliver long-term value to our clients, employees, principals, partners, stakeholders and society at large and manage and support 1500 active clients by December 2023

Our Values

• Reliability
• Integrity
• Sincerity
• Empathy

We are a group of like-minded professionals, seeking to achieve extraordinary long-term results, for our clients, employees, partners, stakeholders with regards to their financial wellbeing.

We engage with our clients, build strong relationships, improve our understanding of their decision-making patterns, income patterns, spending patterns, saving and investing patterns, etc. Then based on our experience in the field of Finance and Money, we present them with various options for protecting, saving, investing, and growing their portfolios.

We act in the capacity of Insurance Agents and are compensated by insurers for placing business with them. Similarly, we are AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributors and we get a fee for the service we provide from the Asset Management Companies directly. We also get commissions for placing Fixed Deposits with various NBFC’s.

In addition, we serve our esteemed clients with several value-added miscellaneous services that include: reviewing existing investment and insurance portfolios, analyzing the income and expenses statements, servicing insurance policies not placed through us, redeeming mutual funds not placed through us, vesting of insurance policies, changing nominations, updating KYC’s, inputs on claims, guiding people in drafting letters to Financial Institutions to release the monies held up with them, and assisting clients in tracing old investments (of the living as well as deceased persons).

Most of our offerings are part of our value-added services which is a privilege our esteemed long-term clients enjoy. We also offer a portfolio consolidation and reporting service which is executed on the payment of a small annual fee. Through this service we capture all assets, liabilities, and protection tools that our clients have across all Financial Institutions, thus giving them a holistic picture of their net worth and expected cash flows. This helps them make informed decisions and organize themselves and their family finances in a more structured manner.

What we offer

Rich and practical knowledge & experience in the field of :

Insurance, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits

Corporate covers such as :

Trade Credit & Liability Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Marine Insurance, etc.

Working Methodology

• Protect
• Preserve
• Prevent
• Prosper